about eclipse identity

Eclipse Identity Concepts is committed to the meticulous crafting and projection of the public image you aspire to convey.  As your comprehensive resource for corporate imaging, we excel in the creation of exceptional logos, advertising materials, print media, and signage designs, coupled with top-tier fabrication quality.

The significance of your corporate image should never be underestimated. It becomes evident when a business identity is an afterthought.  A prevailing misconception is that enhancing or establishing your image is both time-consuming and financially burdensome. Allow us the opportunity to dispel this myth.

Products affiliated with our brand are dispatched only when they meet not only our rigorous standards but, more importantly, your exacting expectations.   Supported by our expansive network of nationally recognized expertise throughout the United States, we are committed to providing candid and amiable customer support at all times.  Every client is valued, reflecting our belief in the importance of personalized service.