Environmental Sculptures

About the Artist

In the mid Eighties, Steven Swenor made the decision to move to Fort Myers from Massachusetts. Since his arrival to Fort Myers, Steven has married and has started a local business. His approach to his artworks and mobiles has been a hands on approach. He has managed to jump from component manufacturing, to his sculpture winning acclaim at local art shows. Influence and encouragements range from apprenticeship with an artistic uncle to fabrication for World-Class Artists. The reality of functionality has made room for the artistic.

The Kinetic Mobile – “Take Flight ”

The mobile is a culmination of eight years of artistic turns, twists & hovers. It has evolved as a merger of technology, physics and nature as it mimics the dragonfly's flight path with seemingly unpredictable yet elegant overall direction. Many can find a kinship to the dragonfly in their migrating nature, seeking out a prime climate, serene waters and sense of familial well being.

The dragonfly is a symbol of love, wealth, & happiness in many historical cultures. Most active on a hot summer's day, the Anisoptera is at the top of the food chain in the native wetlands.

These individual Dragonfly mobiles are perfect for outside use on patios and poolside in private homes and are an added feature for décor in restaurants and hospitality entrances. The application for the mobile use is endless.

The ceramic bodies and CAD generated stainless steel wings exemplify the freedom of flight. The individual pieces are coldforged before and after assembly. Enlarged, stationary versions of Steven’s dragonflies with solid cast bodies are currently on exhibit and permanently installed at the new Southwest Florida International Airport Terminal. Each dragonfly is approximately 80 square feet. From these massive dragonflies has evolved the Take Flight Mobiles.

Steven’s mobiles bear the artist signature on each piece of work.